Isabelle Lucie Landry

  • MAY 20 2012                                                         Embedded will be screening at The Lighthouse Int'l Film Festival on June 1st. It is also nominated for 'Best Narrative Feature'
  • MAY 20 2012                                                           REQUIEM FOR A C.H.U.D. will be screening at the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival on June 9th.
  • March 31 2012                                                           Booked a role on Seventh Son!!                                I just finished filming a scene with Jeff Bridges and Kit Harington! Can't wait to see this movie :)
  • March 12 2012                                                                 The Tim Hortons commercial I was in last year has started airing again!
  • January 10 2012                                                      New demo reel!     Check it out on the media page :)

  • October 31 2011                                            REQUIEM FOR A C.H.U.D. Wins Best Makeup, FX, 2nd place Audience Choice!                                                                   REQUIEM FOR A C.H.U.D, a short film I was in for this year's Bloodshots horror competition, was voted Best Makeup and FX and came in second place for the Audience Choice Award. The film has been invited to the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival.
  • October 21 2011                                                                         JACK Sold To Shorts International For Worldwide Distribution Including iTunes, US Theatrical release, Shorts HD Channel, VOD                                                                                               JACK has been picked up by Shorts International, primary distributor of short films for iTunes. Their plan includes releasing the short via iTunes in over 23 countries; broadcasting JACK on their Shorts HD channel in Taiwan, Turkey, France and the United States; including JACK as part of their upcoming video on demand release; and a theatrical release across the United States.
  • April 28 2011                                                  JACK wins Jury Prize at Sharpcuts                                  JACK wins its third major film festival award - the Jury Prize for best horror film at the Sharpcuts Indie Film and Music Festival in Guelph, Ontario.
  • December 20 2010                                                               The Shorts Report Lists JACK As One Of Canada's Most Watchable Short Films of 2010!                                      JACK continues its critical acclaim in the December installment of The Shorts Report, where it is listed as one of Canada's most watchable short films of 2010.
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